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          A stabilizing factor- ensures safety during cornering.

          Ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.


          Ensure brake efficiency.


          Enhance steering capability.


          Prevent damage to other car components.


          Part of the suspension system.

A vehicle's suspension is made up of three components:-

the Tyre, the Spring and the Shock absorber.

All three components need to be in good working order to keep the Tyre properly in contact with the road.

The basic function of a shock absorber is to keep the vehicle's Tyre in contact to the road.

The Shock Absorber regulates the movement of the spring and is the final crucial link in ensuring a smooth and more importantly safe ride. Even with new Tyre and brakes,unless all shock absorber are in good working order vehicle safety is compromised because of the reduced wheel contact with the road.


You get 2 times more than the price you buy.


With KYB SHOCK ABSORBER, you always WIN.

ZARIO LTD is proud to be a distributor of this Great Japanese Brand in Mauritius.

We not only distribute, but we also follow all the instruction properly, advice & assist all the customers.

All spareparts shop are welcome to be a seller of this only Great Brand.

You just have to contact us for the wholesale prices.

We give you the chance to adopt a good Brand in Mauritius.


only KYB Shock Absorbers come FIRST.​

Kyb aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured using the same factories and technology as for OE.​​​The valving is updated to allow for the fact that the shock absorber will be fitted to a vehicle with other worn suspension components, in order to restore the ride as close as possible to how  vehicle was when it was brand new.​This mean that KYB aftermarket Product are the same as- and in many cases better than OE supply.

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