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NISSHINBO Brake pads and Brake discs are 100% Tmd manufactured products

with 100% O.E expertise with high precision for Safety,Performance and

Comfort for every car at every journey and every speed.

NISSHINBO Pads come with the latest design Features of Asian OE manufacturers.

The friction materials are treated to maximize the comfort of the users.

It’s the perfection for the perfect customers.


Japanese Manufacturing for Asian Reliability

Japan Technology for Asian Performance

O.E Specification for Japanese Innovation

O.E Specification for Korean Innovation

O.E Tolerance for Total Confidence

Diagonal Slot for Flexibility , Comfort , Strength and Performance

J Chamfer for super quiet Braking

Ceramic materials with low Dust

NISSHINBO Brake Discs Designed for the Best.

OE competence for the leading Asian Marques.

Manufactured to OE tolerance for Total Confidence.

High-Tech Metallurgy for uniform friction surface.

Premium Coating for ultimate Corrosion Protection

High Quality process control to avoid judder


All Resellers Of This Brand Are Welcome To Contact Us For Wholesale Prices.

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