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"RBI" - The Brand of TRUSTED replacement spare parts has proven world market for its outstanding quality.
"RBI" is  strategic product value built to serve the need of Automotive Aftermarket by creating great value to the products as longer durability and greater safety feature that reaching extensive demand nowadays.
RBI serves the need in Automotive Aftermarket as great longer durability and safety feature spare parts which has been proven by its extensive demand nowadays.
The Products of RBI are Shock Mounting, Arm Bushing, Center Bearing, Engine Mounting, Shock Absorber Bumper, Drive Shaft Boot and Stabilizer Rubber.

Stabilizer shaft rubber is a parts of many vehicle suspensions that helps the body of roll of a vehicle during fast
cornering or over road irregularities.

Bushing acts as bearings at suspension fulcrum points and offer insulation for noise vibration and harshness. It allows for movement of the component , while maintaining its alignment .

Engine mount control the vibration coming from the engine area each time you drive. That's how the engine mount is to safe comfortable drive.

Shock absorber mounting secures the suspension to the vehicle body to control vibration, ensuring stability and making the ride more comfortable.


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